girls CLUB 

Opens 3/1


Yorktowne girls volleyball club back, and we cant be more excited! Yorktowne girls club will offer a multitude of training programs incorporated into our players club package so that each athletes can receive the best training to help you reach your Goals. We will offer Sports Performance Training, Recruiting Guide/Tools, Small Group Skill Breakdown Sessions and so much more. 

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Yorktowne is staffed by certified USA Volleyball coaches. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds such as professional coaches, college coaches, high school coaches, and alumni. All our coaches are background screened through USA Volleyball, as well as the required screenings by the state of Pennsylvania. Most of our coaches has been with us for over 5 years, and continue with coaching education each year.


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Yorktowne offers numerous fundraising options to help offset the cost. Players are able to fundraise up to the total amount of their dues (not beyond). Fundraising lasts all season, and any credits after payments have been made will be refunded. Any fundraising over the cost of the dues will be applied to the Yorktowne scholarship fund. The details on each fundraiser will be posted on the booster website/webpage each season. Yorktowne will take a small percentage from each fundraiser to cover any expenses. Those percentages will be outlined with each fundraiser. Typical return to players is between 90-95% of the fundraising profit.



handbook - coming soon